Saturday, December 16, 2017

Warlord Gmes - New StuG Begleit Infantry

Warlord Games released new StuG Begleit infantry for Bolt Action:

Link: Warlord Games

Bad Squiddo Games - Shieldmaiden Kickstarter Announcement

Bad Squiddo Games announced a Shieldmaiden army Kickstarter:

Suitable and designed for dark ages wargaming, these are incredibly versatile and will find homes in many fantasy games as well as other historical periods.
Over 50 brand new miniatures, predominately sculpted by Alan Marsh (of Bad Squiddo WW2 fame, as well as existing shieldmaiden characters and more). Featuring complimentary sculpts from Shane Hoyle, John Morris and Phil Hynes. Mostly single piece yet stunning poses and attention to detail. Even more perfect than ever to lure more people to the hobby.
Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Bad Squiddo Games

Warlord Games -Pike&Shotte Samurai Army Pre-Order

Warlord Games now accepts pre-orders for their Pike&Shotte Samurai army:

The Samurai starter army box set contains:
1 metal mounted Samurai commander (two bits, horse and rider)
12 Samurai Horsemen
20 Samurai
40 Ashigaru Spearmen
40 Ashigaru Missile Troops
6 decal sheets (Takeda Clan, 3 white and 3 black)
4 leaflets
12pp booklet “Armies of the Daimyos” with army lists and rules
Infantry and cavalry bases
Link: Warlord Game

4Ground - Christmas Special Offer

4Ground announced a Christmas special offer:

If you order over £60 worth of 4Ground Product, you will receive a Working Desktop Ballista!
If you order over £120 worth of 4Ground Product, you will receive a Snap Together Spitfire Mk.1 / Mk. 2!
If you order over £150 worth of 4Ground Product, you will receive both!
Link: 4Ground

Ral Partha Europe - Kickstarter Preview

Ral Partha Europe presents the Ice Golem with attack penguin for their Unfestive Kickstarter:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Ral Partha Europe

Empress Miniatures - New Volksgrenadiers

Empress Miniatures released new Volksgrenadiers:

Link: Empress Miniatures

Unreleased Miniatures - Elf Forest Guardians Preview

Unreleased Miniatures published new pictures of their soon to be released Elf Forest Guardians:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Unreleased Miniatures

Burn In Designs - Stoves Preview

Burn In Designs presents new stoves:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Burn In Designs

MOM Miniatures - Kickstarter Preview

MOM Miniatures announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: MOM Miniatures

Warlord Games - New Operation Sea Lion Releases

Warlord Games offers new sets for their Operation Sea Lion setting:

Link: Warlord Games

North Star Military Figures - Dracula's America Expansion Book Preview

North Star Military Figures announced the Shadows of the West: Hunting Grounds expansion book for Dracula's America: 

This supplement for Dracula's America: Shadows of the West contains a host of new rules and material and offers something for every player.
- Two New Factions: The Forsaken, ragged survivors of the 7th Cavalry tormented by a bestial curse, and the Shadow Dragon Tong, crimelords with an agenda as mysterious as the powers wielded by their enforcers.
- The Hunting Grounds: Scenarios and encounters that focus on this mythical realm and the power and threats found within it.
- Territory: Build and develop your headquarters, and exploit the benefits it offers, but beware your enemies taking the fight to your home turf.
- Outlaws, Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters: New campaign options, allowing you to turn to a life of crime, bring in wanted fugitives, or sell your gun to the highest bidder.
- New Monsters: The denizens of the Hunting Grounds, in all their terrifying glory.
- New Hired Guns: There's all kinds of folk willing to sell their skills, and these new Hired Guns offer a range of tactical options... if you can afford them.
- New Gear: Bring a Gatling Gun to a knife fight, or find out why you were always warned about misusing brimstone chalk and vials of ectoplasm.
- New Skills: Riding and Leadership skills give you new combat options and help your posse stay in the fight.
Link: North Star Military Figures

Happy Games Factory - New Animal Set

A new animal set is available from Happy Games Factory:

Link: Happy Games Factory

Friday, December 15, 2017

Warcradle Studios - Ice Maiden Release

The Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars is now available:

Link: Ice Maiden @ Wayland Games
Link: Warcradle Studios

Zenit Miniatures - New Yokai Quest Previews

Zenit Miniatures presents new previews of Yokai Quest:

Link: Pictures on Kickstarter
Link: Zenit Miniatures

Diehard Miniatures - New Warbot Previews

Diehard Miniatures published new preview pictures:

Link: Diehard Miniatures on facebook

Warlord Games - Roman Invasion of Britain Preview

Warlord Games announced a new boxed set for Hail Caesar:

Link: Warlord Games

Artel W Miniatures - The Savant Release

Artel W Miniatures added The Savant to their range:

Link: Artel W Miniatures

Cool Mini or Not - New Hate Preview

Cool Mini or Not published a new preview of Hate:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Cool Mini or Not

Vanguard Miniatures - Indiegogo Update

The Small Scale Armies Indiegogo campaign unlocked the 6mm Tainted Elite Heavy Armor Command:

Link: Campaign on Indiegogo
Link: Vanguard Miniatures

Raging Heroes - New Release

Templar Mona de Costemore, Demon Slayer, is now available from Raging Heroes:

Link: Raging Heroes

Corvus Belli - New Infinity Preview

Studio Giraldez published new pictures of the Highlander Grey for Infinity:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Infinity